Surviving the School Year-Top 6 Tips

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

It's that time of year again! Trying to get back into the groove of things and dare I say wearing real pants! Going back to school can bring a mix of emotions. I'm sure by now you've already had your first back to school nightmare. I know I've had mine! At the start of every year I try to think of ways to help the new year start off and stay as smooth as possible. Here are my top 6 tips that help me get through the year!

Tip 1: Organization

For me, organization is life! It helps me stay balanced and sain! I won't bore you with ways that I stay organized because let's face it, organization looks different for everyone. Find what organization looks like to you and keep it that way to the best of your ability. Remember when you feel unprepared and chaotic, your students will too.

Tip 2: Procedures and Routines

This tip is another important one if you want to keep structure and order throughout the year. Setting those procedures and routines from the beginning will definitely make your life and your student's lives easier. Make sure to stay consistent and your classroom will be smooth sailing, well at least most of the time.

Tip 3: Build Relationships

Building relationships is key in creating a welcoming and structured classroom environment. When kids feel loved and wanted they will respect you and have the motivation to follow those rules and expectations. Having those established relationships will also brings fun into the classroom too!

Tip 4: Find your Squad

I cannot say this enough. FIND YOUR SQUAD!!! No one knows what it's like to be a teacher. Finding your people makes the job enjoyable and manageable. An extra bonus to finding your squad is team planning! I mean more the merrier!

Tip 5: Self-care

Yes, self-care is a "buzzword" that everyone is throwing around, but it's an actual thing! Take time for yourself! You know that saying, "You can't pour from an empty cup." Well it's true, try it I promise you'll get nothing. Same applies to our teaching. If we are drained, we're not bring our best selves forward. Our students need the best versions of ourselves everyday they show up. It's okay to take that mental health day or personal day! Don't burn yourself out, there's only one you!

Tip 6: Have fun!

We all know that teaching is hard, but it's also fun! We don't have to take ourselves so seriously, we work with kids! Don't be afraid to be silly and have fun. The best moments happen when there's a little or maybe a lot fun involved!

Welp, there you have it. My top 6 tips to help push me and maybe you through the next 180 days of school! If you take anything from this post let it be to just relax and do you!

Hope you have a great year!

Donielle- Teaching with Finesse

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