Looking for a fun digital way for your math and reading centers. Check out this cute editable Product! Did I mention that it was editable! Both centers spell out Math and Reading. These centers will have a total of 4 rotations. For those who use Daily 5 I've got you covered too! I've got 5 Daily 5 rotation slides in 5 different colors. There is a space for your to add a timer for your desired time. I like have the timer displayed so students know how much time is left to work as well as clean up. The rotations are broken up with a transition slide and at the end of each center rotation there is a clean up slide. 


The Rotations:

Math Rotations

M-meet the teacher

A-At Your seat


H-Hands on


Reading Rotations

R-Respond to reading

E-Enjoy a Book

A-At your seat

D-Develop your writing


Time Rotations

T- Technology

I- Independence

M- Making Meaning

E- Enhance/Enrichment


Daily 5 Rotations

Read to Someone

Read to Self

Word Work

Listen to Reading

Work on Writing

M.A.T.H, R.E.A.D, Daily 5, and T.I.M.E rotations